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Wicca Runes

In addition to the Wicca symbols, the Wicca runes are now added. Wicca runes are often used in magical spells for protection and healing. There are different versions of the runes on the market - sets can contain eight, ten or 13 tiles. (Meanings also vary depending on who is asked.) Thirteen is an excellent witch number, but the eight rune set scores points for its symmetry and simplicity. A set of eight witch runes correspond to the eight Wiccan Sabbaths and provide a built-in mechanism for answering questions about timing. Here I have shown you all the runes that you can use in magic.

Sonnen Rune

The sun

Growth, abundance, good decisions, vitality, new beginnings, God, fertility, prosperity, solar magic

Mond Rune

The moon

Intuition, long-term changes, the Goddess, dreams, healing, love, psychic abilities, emotions, shadow work

Stern Rune

The star

Guidance, a light in the darkness, wishes, gifts, other worlds, astrology

Flug Rune

The flight

Travel, birds, movement, communication, flying at high altitude, news from the other side, fast movement, news

Frau Rune

The woman

Uterus and vagina, creativity, birth, motherhood, femininity, divine feminine, a creative idea or project

Mann Rune

The man

Male, arrow, action, fertility, masculinity, strength, aggression, justice, goals

Romantik Rune


Triple Goddess, Life/Death/Rebirth, Trinity, Romance, Love

Ringe Rune

The Rings

Attachment, alliance, marriage, teams, family, indicate a problem with family, colleagues or friends (good or bad)

Ernte Rune

The harvest

Abundance, harvest, manifestation, family, security, finances, wealth

Kreuzung Rune

The crossing

Decision, blocked paths, opportunities, the space in between, ghosts

Wellen Rune

The waves

Ocean, land of the dead, purification, water, emotions, healing, change, creation, nourishment, destruction

Sense Rune

The sense

The harvest, the death, the disappearance, the end of an era, the letting go, letting go and clearing

Augen Rune

The eye

Third eye, seeing the truth, clairvoyance, watching someone, the devil, eye and protection

Blatt Rune

The leaf

Growth, prosperity, health, promise of harvest, luck, obstacles to success, a beneficial agreement

gekreuzten Speere Rune

The crossed spears

Opposite forces mingle, conflict, strife, negativity, pause in action, danger, confusion, jealousy, dishonesty

Vögel Rune

The birds

News, business, communication, gossip, inspiration, beginnings, visits, easy friends, learning and travel, earning potential, good news

schwarze Rune

The black rune

Endings and departures, pain, lack, loss, a separation, hidden suffering, The black rune is never read alone - pay attention to the context of the surrounding runes.

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