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Hellebore, white (Veratrum album)

Hellebore, white
Image: RĂŒhlemannÂŽs

Very poisonus



Areas of application:

Paralysis, trigerminal nerve pain, asthma, colic, melancholy, pain, rashes, lichen; In homeopathy: neuralgia, leg cramps, paratyphoid, collapse due to poor circulation, vomiting diarrhea, dysentery

The applications are no longer common today!!! There are other plants that help better.

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

Autumn and spring

To find:

Is under nature protection! Mainly in the mountains, in our region up to 2000 meters altitude only in moors and moist meadows.


Alkaloids, veratrum acid


The Hellebore, white can be confused with the gentian. So please look carefully at which plant it is.

🛑 Attention!!! Anyone who works with poisonous plants has a great responsibility. Children are not allowed to get their hands on such a liquid; if consumed, it can lead to death in a few hours without medical attention. Just 1 to 2 g of root powder is fatal.

Hildegard von Bingen: When mixed with thyme, fennel and fat, it can be used as an ointment and drives out madness in people. And whoever suffers from pain in the heart and cannot breathe, crush white sifter and a third part of it, and less mint than boar's rue, and add it to the cow's butter; this is an excellent ointment; if he has pain, he anoint himself there.

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