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Aloe Vera fitness porridge

Aloe Vera


1 to 2 leaves of aloe vera

1 tbsp raw sugar or honey


Remove the spines on the leaves and then wash the leaves under clean water. Now cut the aloe vera leaves into small pieces and puree them together with the skin in a bowl. So that a pulp is created. Then add the raw sugar or honey and mix everything well. Place the porridge in a stoneware pot or a sealable porcelain bowl and store in the refrigerator.


Use regularly as the porridge only stays fresh for around 1 week. Eat 2 teaspoons daily (children over 12 years 1 teaspoon) before breakfast. This promotes digestion and ensures mental and physical fitness.

Children sometimes do not tolerate the green outer skin of aloe vera well; the aloin it contains has too strong an effect on the intestines. Then just use the inside (gel) of the leaf.

Attention: Internal use should be avoided during pregnancy as the plant has a strong laxative effect. You also have to stop using it if you have an intestinal obstruction.

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