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Thyme syrup

2 recipes:

Thyme syrup


Cut off the flowering upper parts of the plant including the stems in the morning with ceramic scissors and put them in a basket.

organic cane sugar

Glass vessel

Ceramic scissors (be careful, they are very sharp!!)

Wooden board

Rolling pin

possibly. Spring water

fine sieve



Wash the thyme so that it is really wet. Cut the moist plant parts into smaller pieces with ceramic scissors, place them on a wooden board and roll over them with the rolling pin. Before the juice comes out, put a layer of thyme in the glass jar, cover with the cane sugar and press down with a spoon. Now pour in the next layer of thyme and cover again with an equally thick layer of sugar. Continue like this until all the thyme is used up. The last layer should be sugar. Always press everything well so that there is not too much air between the plant and the sugar. If the thyme is not moist enough, the sugar dissolves more poorly because of the many woody parts.

If necessary, add some fresh spring water (still mineral water from a glass bottle).

Close the glass jar with a screw cap or cover it and leave it warm in a dark cupboard for 3 weeks.

After 3 weeks, all of the sugar should have dissolved and can then be poured through a fine sieve. Squeeze the plant parts well and pour into bottles. Don't forget to label it with your name and date.

To make it last longer, boil it briefly. If it is too thick, simply add some germ-free water.


The thyme syrup can be taken internally, in tablespoonfuls, immediately.

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30 g thyme

½ lemon

2 tbsp honey

200 ml water


Filter or fine sieve



Put thyme in a pot and pour boiling water over it. Then let it steep for 20 minutes. Then strain through a fine sieve or filter and put it back into a pot. Add the lemon and honey to the stock and bring to the boil again over a low heat. Now fill everything into bottles and label it with your name and date.


For internal use, use teaspoonfuls

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