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Things a witch absolutely needs

In this article you will learn the things that a witch absolutely needs. If you don't have everything together at the beginning, it's not a problem, you can gradually get everything together.

The Altar


Everyone should set up an altar as a basis according to their taste and use. Some apartments don't allow the altar to be the size of a coffee table. However, it is also sufficient to use a shelf, a tray, a small side table or even a mantel or something similar. The most suitable colors for the fabric are lavender or dark purple if you don't want to build your altar on the bare wood. In Wiccan circles, violet is considered the color that attracts spiritual fulfillment. It also stands for chakra healing and alignment and ensures the right magical mood.

If you want to keep it secret, you can also set up a portable altar. You then simply place the cloth on the floor and drape your utensils on it. This is also useful when traveling.

The Pentagram

The pentagram is one of the most important things a witch should have. The symbol of a five-pointed star, called a pentagram or Drudenfuß. It appears throughout history as a powerful and positive symbol in a variety of religions, and it was also used in alchemy. The five stars represent the five elements, with the top representing spirit. This is followed in a clockwise direction by water, fire, earth and air.


Turned upside down, the pentagram symbolizes a goat and thus represents the horned god of some neo-pagan beliefs. At an as-yet-undefined point in Western history, the Drude's foot became a symbol of Satan and devil worship. Gradually, those who had turned to the dark side of magic adopted the inverted pentagram.

Many witches wear pentagram jewelry for protection or as a sign by which other witches can recognize them. During spells, it is best to wear the symbol on your body or place it on the altar. Then place the pentagram in the middle of the altar and build everything else around it. It is also important that no matter what kind of pentagram you use, it should be charged beforehand. How to do this is very simple. It is best to place the pentagram in the garden, on the doorstep or on a window sill during the full moon and let it charge naturally. This process cleanses, consecrates and charges it with magical energy. Another effect is that it then enhances the effects of other paraphernalia such as crystals and talismans. If the pentagram lies charged on the altar, it will ward off all negativity and protect you.


Candles represent the elements of fire and air. Most spells require one or two candles, sometimes more. It's good if you always have different colored candles ready. You start with a white candle in the middle of the back of the altar to neutralize the energy. This candle does not require anointing or inside writing, but it is a good idea to consecrate the candle in water. To do this, dip your fingers in water and then stroke over the candle, accompanied by the words: “This candle is now cleansed and consecrated.” Now pat the candle dry with paper towels. (You can find out more about the candle colors under candle magic)



Burning incense while a spell is developing is an absolute must. The magical properties contribute to a perfect atmosphere and strengthen the spells. However, it can be difficult to always find the right incense, as there are many different ones. If you can't make up your mind, smoke with sage to cleanse the work area.

(You can find out more about this under smoking)

Soil and water

These substances symbolize the natural elements earth and water. They create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere in the work area. Simply fill garden soil into a small bowl and place it next to the pentagram. Place the water in an appropriate container on the other side.


Salt provides great protection and is used in a wide variety of spells to ward off evil. Sprinkle a little sea salt over your altar cloth or place a small bowl of salt on it.



The cup symbolizes fertility. In earlier times the curvature represented the womb of the goddess. The floor symbolizes the world we know and the base symbolizes the human, close relationship with the spirits. There is a chalice with magical water on my altar.


The kettle is used to make infusions and potions (although a microwave is also suitable for many recipes). If you want to burn herbs, the cauldron is still very useful.


The bell is mostly used in banishment spells, where it can be rung at the beginning. It drives away bad vibrations if you hit it several times in different places in the house.


An athame is a ceremonial knife with a black handle and a double-edged blade. It is a very old accessory that is rarely seen on an altar today. Some witches use the athame for inscriptions on candles or to draw a magical circle around the altar before beginning their spell.


Magic wand

A witch without a wand is not a witch. Traditionally, wands are made from willow, elderberry, apple or cherry wood. You can then design it however you like. The length should be the distance between your elbow and the tip of your index finger. You can charge it just like the pentagram. There is usually a crystal at the top.

Before a ritual, you can touch any object on your altar with the end of the wand to transfer its natural earth energy to you and provide you with a little extra magic.


In witch circles, the broom is considered a symbol of fertility and has been used in fertility rites since ancient times, but also to sweep away negativity.


Crystals and gemstones

Crystals have pure natural magic. I always have at least three of them on my altar.


Most of our spells require angel energy. Some feathers on your altar entice the angels to visit you. Match the color of the feathers to the candles that will be used in the ritual, or choose a white one, which represents purity and peace.

The Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is your own diary where you can write down all your experiences and spells.

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