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Lemon iced tea

Lemon iced tea


6 to 8 tablespoons green tea

2 liters of water

5 natural lemons

about 6 tablespoons of sugar

2.5 liters of spring water

2 handfuls of lemon verbena leaves and flowers



citrus press


fine sieve

Glass jug


For a strong tea infusion, green tea is placed in a pot and 2 liters of boiling water is poured over it. Then let it steep for 5 minutes and then filter it through a filter.

While the tea is cooling, 4 of the 5 lemons are squeezed using a lemon squeezer and the lemon juice is set aside for now. The lemon peel that is left over is cut into slices and added to the tea.

Now put the sugar in a bowl and add a little water (more sugar or water as the case may be) to make a sugar syrup. Stir until a syrup is formed. Then add the sugar syrup to the tea.

Cut the last lemon into thin slices, place in the tea and add the lemon verbena. Pour everything into a glass jug and top up with the spring water. Now let stand until serving. Refrigerate.

Before serving, remove the lemons and strain the lemon verbena through a fine sieve. This means you have a daily ration of lemon iced tea for the whole family.

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