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Ground-ivy (Glechoma hederacea)



expectorant, stone-dissolving, healing, uric acid-dissolving, effective in the lungs, effective in the stomach

Areas of application:

Metabolism, urinary behavior, weak menstruation, bladder problems, liver swelling, bladder and kidney diseases, purulent urine, chronic runny nose and cough, ringing in the ears, strengthens the nerves, festering wounds, burn injuries, bronchial diseases, during convalescence, general weakness

Plant parts used:

the whole herb

Collection time:

Flowering period from April to June

To find:

Grows everywhere in meadows, field edges, along hedges and bushes and in open forests along paths.


Tannins, essential oil, bitter substances, resin, wax, sugar, acid, vitamin C, potassium, saponins


☕ Tea: 2 teaspoons of Ground-ivy are poured into 1/4 liter of boiling water and steeped for 5 minutes. 3 cups per day are sufficient.

Ground-ivy is an old Germanic magical plant.

A good plant spirit lives in the Ground-ivy that ward off evil magic.

Ground-ivy leaves are available all year round, they can even be found under snow.

In the kitchen, Ground-ivy is used as a seasoning, for example in salads, vegetables or in herb butter.

Hildegard of Bingen: She is more warm than cold, and she has dye powers because her green is useful. If a person washes his head frequently with its lye, it will drive away disease and prevent him from getting sick in the first place. You can eat the gundel vine in puree or soups, and eat it with meat or other dishes. If your ears sound like the sound of rushing water, let Gundelrebe boil in hot water and, after squeezing the water, tie it warmly around your head. This makes hearing clear in your ears again.

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