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Ginger and apricot chutney

Ginger and apricot chutney


30 g ginger

1 kg apricots

2 red onions

1 red, fresh chili pepper

3 young, fresh leaves from a lemon or orange tree

200 g apple cider vinegar,

Juice of 3 oranges

1 teaspoon coriander seeds

1/4 kg brown cane sugar


Jars with screw caps


Pour boiling water over the apricots and peel off the skin or peel. Then remove the stones and quarter them. Peel the ginger and onions and chop very finely. Now cut the chili pepper lengthways and remove the seeds. If it is a mild chili pepper you can also leave the seeds in, as the seeds contain the spiciness. Finally, cut the leaves from the lemon or orange tree very small.

Now put the ginger, apricots, onions, chili pepper, leaves, apple cider vinegar, orange juice, coriander seeds and cane sugar in a pot and heat, stirring constantly, until the sugar has dissolved. The mixture should now simmer over low heat for about 3/4 hour. After the specified time, the mixture can be poured into cleaned jars with screw caps.

The ginger and apricot chutney goes well with meat and vegetable dishes, with white bread or as a delicious sauce with noodles.

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