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Flower essence according to Dr. Bach

Cooking together

Dr. Bach used the cooking method on all flowers that did not yet receive the full power of the summer sun. You cannot produce flower essences on the side; every step requires full concentration, collected positive attention and a meditative personal state. It must be a clear, bright day, without fear of rain.

  1. Leaves and flowers are collected in the morning and placed in an enamel pot or a fireproof glass bowl (with the cooking method, twigs and leaves can always be added to the base). Some people touch the plant with their bare hands, put on cotton gloves or work with cloths. However, if your personal attitude is peaceful and joyful, this can be avoided; on the contrary, you will also pass on some of your own energy. One option is to first take a large leaf and use it to remove the remaining parts of the plant. When the container is full, put the lid on and transport it to the kitchen.

  2. Fill the pot with fresh spring water or still mineral water from a glass bottle and press the emerging plants under water with a branch of the same plant.

  3. Heat and simmer gently for 1/2 hour. Remove from the stove and cool in the garden or on the balcony (open window).

  4. Sterilize small bottles. Fill the bottles about 1/3 full with the cooled and filtered (filter paper) flower essence (always handle carefully, the flower essence should not come into contact with any foreign substances).

  5. For preservation, top up with good brandy. Label. Just two drops, dissolved in a small bottle of water, are sufficient for a therapeutic treatment.



Sun method: The day must be very sunny.

  1. Place the flowers in a not too large, clear glass bowl with thin walls, wearing gloves so that the flowers do not come into contact with your skin.

  2. Then natural spring or well water is filled into the bowl and not poured onto the flowers, but next to them. The surface of the water should be completely covered with flowers at the end. Then place the bowl in the sun for 3 to 4 hours - directly where it was found or in the garden/balcony. The more intense the sunlight, the better (between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.). After 3 to 4 hours, the message from the flowers has been transferred to the water. Process further as described for the cooking method, points 4 and 5.

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