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Feverfew syrup

Feverfew syrup


1 handful of fresh or dried flowers and leaves

White wine


screw-top jar


coffee filter

measuring cup



Place the fresh or dried feverfew flowers or leaves in a screw-top jar and pour enough white wine over them to cover everything well. Then put it in a dark place for 3 weeks and check again and again to make sure you don't need to add more wine.

After the 3 weeks, put the mixture in a pot and heat, but do not boil. Now strain the whole thing through a coffee filter and squeeze out the flowers and leaves well.

Finally, the same amount of feverfew wine tincture is mixed with honey and then poured into bottles. Don't forget to label it with your name and date.

Store in a cool place and use as soon as possible.


Take the feverfew syrup teaspoon by teaspoon and take it internally.

Can help/helps with:

Asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, headaches and liver sluggishness.

Attention: Alcohol is not for children, young people, pregnant women and drivers!!!

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