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Apple liqueur

With this recipe you should work quickly, the apples should not turn brown.

Apple liqueur


3/4 kg apples

3 cloves

1 cinnamon stick

1 liter of grain brandy

Glass or ceramic vessel

fine sieve

coffee filter



Do not wash the apples, just rub them with a cloth. Then remove the core, do not peel and divide into wedges. Place the apples in a glass or ceramic container, add the cloves and cinnamon stick and pour the Kornbrand over them. Now close the container and put it in a warm place for 5 weeks.

After the 5 weeks of brewing, first strain the whole thing through a fine sieve and then filter it through a paper filter/coffee filter.

Now you have to taste it, as each type of apple produces a different result.

If the liqueur is sweet enough but too strong - simply dilute it with water.

If it is not aromatic enough, repeat the process completely and add fresh apples to the liqueur again.

If the liqueur tastes too sour, a sugar solution must be added

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for apple liqueur; it always has to be adapted accordingly.

If you have the right taste, the liqueur can be bottled. Don’t forget to label it with your name and date.

Attention: Alcohol is not for children, young people, pregnant women and drivers!!!

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