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Wild Garlic butter

Wild Garlic butter


250 g soft butter

5 tbsp finely chopped wild garlic

1/2 tsp salt



There are two ways to make wild garlic butter. The first is: put butter in a pot and let it melt. Then remove from the heat, let cool slightly and add salt and the finely chopped wild garlic, stir well. Pour into a mold and let cool further. Stir occasionally until it has cooled completely if the leaves start to settle on top. The wild garlic butter can then be placed in the refrigerator.

The second option is: put the softened butter in a bowl. Add salt and wild garlic and mix well. It is best to shape it into one large roll or several small rolls using cold water dipped in your hands.

If you want to freeze the wild garlic butter, you can e.g. B. take an ice cube tray. This makes it easier to portion the butter later.

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