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Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)


Increases blood pressure, increases gastric juice secretion

Areas of application:

Lung diseases, for losing weight, for infected wounds, migraines, motion sickness, nausea, diseases of the arteries, for smoking cessation, for constipation, neuralgia, insect bites

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

July and August

To find:

Is grown in large cultures, including ours.


Pyrrolizidine alkaloids, flavonoids, asparigine, allantoin, coumarins, nicotine, enzymes


🛑 Attention: Tobacco must not be used internally, not even by animals! Nicotine is a serious poison and if you smoke too much it can lead to heart failure and destruction of the optic nerve.


Tobacco is the classic divine plant of the Indians. For the shamans, the plant is a means of getting to the other world.

Before tobacco was used in the form of cigarettes, it was a healing plant. Now it is known as a harmful cancer-causing and air-polluting herb and has landed on the hit list.

Tobacco juice is an absolutely deadly agent for insects.

If you have ever smoked one and don't do it all the time, you will have noticed that you get slightly dizzy. In small doses, the smoked nicotine has a stimulating effect, but in large doses it has a paralyzing effect on the central nervous system.

The areas of application stated above are mainly homeopathic essences Tabucum up to D 200! I don't want anyone to start smoking if they read this. So please pay attention and avoid nicotine in cigarettes and other smoking devices. It is and remains poison for us.

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