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Tinder fungus (Fomes fomentarius)

Tinder fungus


hemostatic, disinfectant, blood sugar lowering, immune boosting

Areas of application:

as a wound dressing, to stop bleeding, lowers blood sugar, increases the immune system; in China it is used to treat cancer of the esophagus and stomach

Plant parts used:

inner fungal network

Collection time:

all year round

To find:

Lives as a parasite on hardwood trunks.


Carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, beta 1.3/1.6 D-glucan-melanin-chitin complex such as chitin, glucan, nitrogen, ash, etc.


You cannot eat the tinder fungus like a mushroom dish because it is not edible.

The inside of the mushroom is soft and consists of a mycelium network. The soft fungal network between the hard outer skin and the tubes was soaked, boiled, soaked in urine and later nitric acid or soda was used. Then fulled and then dried again. This resulted in a kind of solid felt that immediately caught sparks from flints. This was the case until 160 years ago, and it's not for nothing that the saying "It burns like tinder" exists.

Tinder fungus

The tinder was made into small pieces of clothing. This is how gloves, hats, bags, picture frames and chamois leather are made. Artists used it to erase their charcoal drawings, and some still do so today. In Romania, huts are still made from the mushroom, but here you see it more often in arrangements and decorative flower arrangements.

It can be used as an emergency bandage to stop bleeding by removing the hard outer skin and the tube part. But that's not all it's used for, generations of women used it to catch their menstruation.

Don't forget to smoke with a tinder sponge. See also smoking...

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