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Thyme Sage Oxymel

Thyme Sage Oxymel


40g apple cider vinegar

120g honey

20g thyme

20g sage

Screw glass




First, boil an empty screw-top jar with a lid to disinfect it. Then thyme and sage are chopped well and added to the glass. Now add the apple cider vinegar and honey and mix all the ingredients well. You can place a piece of cling film between the lid and the jar. This will prevent the vinegar from attacking the metal lid. Place the jar in a dark place and let it steep for four weeks. Shake every now and then.

After one month, the mixture can be filtered through a filter and poured into a bottle. Don't forget to label it with your name and date.


Adults take about two to three tablespoons daily, dissolved in a glass of water about half an hour before a meal. You can take Oxymel daily for three weeks as a preventive measure against illness and start again after a one-week break.

Children take around one to two tablespoons of the tincture dissolved in a glass of water or fruit juice to strengthen their immune system. Even after a long illness, the tincture helps to strengthen and heal the body.

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