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The months

The months

The second month

“This is the month of purification. Nature cleanses itself of everything sick. So does the human soul. If one compares it with the sap of a tree through which all the fruits of that tree flourish, it is through the soul of man that all works are realized. This person has received from nature a strength, a compelling power with an outwardly clear and precise overview of situations. The cold of the season only shows itself through his somewhat cooler nature. He is not someone who flaunts his feelings, but rather keeps a clear head.

The third month

“The third month comes with a wild whirlwind. It can bring powerful storms with it, but it also sets the seeds of the earth in motion with its multiple winds. With this powerful way, nature wants to shake up the frozen season and set it in motion so that spring can come. So does man; He can achieve a lot thanks to his stormy character and his penchant for recognition. However, he must first overcome his pride, his storm, often through painful experiences, before his works begin to bear fruit.”

The Fourth Month

“April is the month that embodies viriditas, green power and fragrance, even if it can thunder terribly in it. In April we experience the awakening of nature after a rigid winter, the sprouting of the first green, viriditas, and the first scent of the messengers of spring. Man receives the green power that nature also brings with him, but only if he firmly believes in God. It is man who spreads everywhere the reputation of righteousness and usefulness to the glory of God.”

The fifth month

“The hard struggle of nature transitions into a sweet, easy time in this part of the year. May carries the most wonderful scents of flowers and makes people's hearts happy. You can clearly see the first sprouting fruits here, which primarily capture people's strong sense of taste. The person born in this month has a lot of joy from nature, but he lacks coldness and stubbornness. With all the sharpness of his reason, he fundamentally distinguishes everything that is visible to him. This is the only way he can live a carefree, happy life according to his nature.”

The Sixth Month

“This month the fruits are making progress and their ripening is already in the air. This dry month impresses the fruits with the power to grow and reproduce. The person who is safe in this month has his warmth from nature and, if developed properly, can bring it to full maturity. But he also has strong shoulders to take on any work, both physical and mental, and complete it. The second sense, hearing and listening, is an important detail for him. And just as the famous sheep's cold in June can bring a cooling down in nature, this person is also given a special strength of character, often through a sobering cooling down of his overzealous actions, a consistent perseverance, even in the most difficult and less advantageous undertakings.< /p>

The seventh month

“July is the month that brings the fruit to ripeness; it is characterized by absolute drought, drought, but also massive downpours, often in the form of heavy thunderstorms and hailstorms. Just as nature shows itself in this month, so does the human being born in this month. Above all, his maturity is evident; he is ahead of the others in many ways, especially when it comes to his health. He avoids everything that harms him and sometimes uses the strength of his arms to help him. However, when he allows himself to be instructed by the warnings of the Holy Spirit, he rails against vices and sins with unusual zeal and thus finds his true salvation.

The Eighth Month

“This month has a certain strength and joy of life but also contradictions: on the one hand the scorching sun, on the other side terrible thunderstorms. So does the person who was born in this month. This powerful creature who can achieve great rest through the works of his hands. However, he must not lose sight of faith on his passionate path and after severe storms, so that through reflection and repentance he can use his fighting existence for good works and virtues.

The ninth month

“This month we find the ripening time. The terrible thunderstorms are no longer there and we find a fixed mixture of cold and warmth. It is a time of year when prosperity becomes visible, nature invites you to harvest. So does the person who was born in this month. He naturally avoids any arguments, but also exuberance, a rather even-tempered guy whose special character trait is patience. It is also this virtue that always stabilizes the mental life of this person and gives him a certain direction in life.

The Tenth Month

“This month holds maturity. The harvest has come in, the cellars are full. Nature is shedding its leaves, preparing for the cold winter. In the cycle of life it also represents the maturity of old age, where the person who is born in this month no longer needs to worry about the harvest, about the fullness of life, he has therefore received a coldness from nature that he can only compensate by seeking and striving for the right warmth.”

The Eleventh Month

“This month brings the cold, gone is the warmth and richness of nature. However, this cold is not bitter enough to freeze the earth, but rather stirs up the pain. The person born in this month defends himself against this cold so that too many painful thoughts do not burden his heart and thus suppress the joy within him. He must be very careful not to leave the daylight of holiness, otherwise he will sigh in self-pity and wail with pain and great sadness and will harm his soul. However, by contemplating the Holy Spirit, i.e. through good deeds and works, he can elicit new strength from his soul.

The Twelfth Month

“During this season the earth becomes hard and freezes, making the land and life difficult. The soul of the person born here also has its struggle. Only in the glow of the gifts of the Holy Spirit can this soul find its great warmth. For just as the body, after the departure of the soul, is without heat and remains cold, so also the soul, without the fervor of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, becomes hardened by anger and forgets its own nature.

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