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The Gemstones - Hildegard von Bingen

The Gemstones - Hildegard von Bingen

“... And so the gemstones are created by fire and water, therefore they also have fire and moisture in them, and they also contain many powers and many effects of works of art, so that many different works can be done with them, namely, such works as are good and honorable and useful to man... The remaining stones, which were formed in different earths and different regions, and which acquire different natures and different colors from the earths in which they were formed , these are not of much use as medicine...

Gemstones that are not listed as remedies by Hildegard, but have a generally positive aura and can be collected as gemstones.

“But God had adorned the first angel as if with the most precious stones, in the sight of which Lucifer saw the deity reflected and drew his wisdom from it; and in them he recognized that God wanted to work many miracles; Thereupon his mind (thought, understanding) arose - because the precious stones that adorned him sparkled in the light of God - thinking that he himself could do something similar and more than God, and therefore his splendor was extinguished. But, just as God restored Adam to a better relationship, so God did not allow either the beauty or the power of these precious gems to perish, but wanted them to be on earth for adornment, blessings and for medicine.”

The healing power of gemstones is very great and the sick person with no hope of improving their symptoms should use the gemstones to help them recover.

The Amethyst

The rock crystal

The beryl

The Chrysolite


The jasper


The Onyx

The Pearl

The Prasem

The Ruby

The Sardonyx

The sapphire

The Sarder

The Emerald

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