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Tagetes (Tagetes patula, T. tenuifolia, T. minuta, T. erecta)



insect repellent

Areas of application:

Tagetes is mainly used in scented bowls. Night blindness (with eyebright), sore muscles, nerve pain, nervous problems, depression, eczema

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

in summer

To find:

more of a garden plant, rarely found wild


Essential oils, inositol, tannic acid, mucilage, coumarin


Tagetes can be used as a decoration in salads and the flowers can be eaten.

Tea made from fresh Tagetes flowers and leaves or dried petals has a gentle narcotic effect. It relaxes and calms the stomach and is a good remedy after a binge of alcohol when your skull is pounding.

According to reports, Tagetes tea has increased the ability to have visions.

A flower essence according to Dr. Bach is possible with Tagetes. Such an application brings sunshine into a dull life.


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