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Sumac, fragrant (Rhus aromatica)



Areas of application:

Irritable bladder, incontinence, bedwetting

Plant parts used:

root bark

Collection time:

spring or autumn

To find:

In places protected from the wind in parks or botanical gardens. Sumac is a plant of North America. Beware of poison sumac!!! Can be confused very quickly. Vinegar trees with white, yellow or even just light berries.


essential oils, tannins


☕ Tea: Add 1 teaspoon of root to 1/4 liter of slightly warmed water and leave to stand overnight. Strain and drink in the morning.

Fragrant sumac is a bladder relaxer and, together with cranberry, goldenrod and poplar buds, can be an excellent herbal support for an unpleasant problem.

Sumac can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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