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Sugar root (Sium sisarum)

sugar root


aphrodisiac, skin-strengthening, desire-increasing

Areas of application:

It is not used in folk medicine.

Plant parts used:


Collection time:


To find:

The sugar root or Merk is a useful plant from Eastern Europe and Asia. The wild form can be found from the Caucasus to Sieberen.


Mucilage, starch, sugar, gum, vitamins, minerals


Sugar roots are similar in culture to parsnips and were once a common food crop that was frequently grown. You can harvest from the same plant for several years if you replant the old rootstock after removing the lateral roots.

The dried and roasted root is a coffee substitute. It tastes floury and sweet.

sugar root

Hildegard von Bingen: The sugar root (Gerla) is of no use and does no harm if eaten. If you have sick skin on your face, take Gerla and crush it in a mortar and then add oil. He anoints his face with it when he goes to bed until he gets well.

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