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Squilla maritima (Drimia maritima syn. Urginea maritima)

Very poisonous


Heart-strengthening, diuretic, expectorant

Areas of application:

(Heart problems, bleeding gums, cough, stomach problems, rapid heart rate (tachycardia), drainage of the tissue, accelerates the healing of old wounds) see below

Plant parts used:

Onion, onion leaves

Collection time:

after flowering

To find:

It is not possible here, the plant from the warmer regions is cultivated in South Africa, Pakistan, India and South America.


Heart-active glycosides, scillaridin, vitamin A, flavonoids


The squilla maritima is used in magical rituals and for money spells. A squilla maritima hung over the door drives away all evil. It is a remedy against the evil eye and against envious neighbors.

🛑 Contraindications include potassium deficiency, slow heartbeat and cardiac arrhythmias. Discuss with your doctor or homeopath, the squilla maritima is poisonous and such traditional uses no longer correspond to modern practice.

Depending on the richness of the active ingredients, the powder is taken from the onion, no more than 0.1 to 0.5 grams daily.

Powdered squilla maritima is an effective rat poison, but unfortunately it also poisons other small animals and pets.

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