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Spreading Bellflower (Campanula patula)



Areas of application:

Exhaustion, stopping bleeding, reducing swelling, wound healing, earache

Parts of the plant used:


Collection time:


Can be found:

Fresh, nutrient-rich meadows and roadsides as well as forest clearings.


Vitamin C, inulin


The Spreading Bellflower is an annual or perennial plant and can grow to a height of 20 to 70 cm. It is a loose-grass semi-rosette plant with a strong creeping rhizome. The stem is upright. The lower leaves are stalked and obovate, while the few upper leaves are sessile and linear-lanceolate. A few nodding flowers are arranged in a loose, paniculate inflorescence. Lateral flower stalks have two bracts above the middle. The flowers are radially symmetrical and five-petaled, and the five sepals are fused at the base. The five purple to blue-violet petals are fused in a funnel shape up to about the middle of their length.

In the kitchen, the sweet-tasting flowers can be used as a pretty decoration. The young leaves and the cooked roots, which taste like sugar peas, can be prepared as a salad or wild vegetable.

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