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Spignel (Meum athamanticum)



heart-strengthening, warming, migraine-effective

Areas of application:

Stomach pressure, heart problems, white discharge, menstrual problems, kidney problems, bladder diseases, poisoning, mucus in the lungs, old age, skin rashes, gout, jaundice, migraines, indigestion, nervous problems

Plant parts used:

root and seeds

Collection time:

spring and autumn

To find:

On mountain meadows, poor grasslands, low-lime, moderately acidic soils in higher low mountain ranges.


Oil, essential oil, ligustilide, monoterpenes, gum, resin, sugar, starch, caffeic acid derivatives


☕ Tea: 1 teaspoon of crushed root is added to 1/4 liter of cold water, heated to boiling, left to stand for a few minutes and strained. 2 cups a day are enough.

Bärwurz has been grown in monastery gardens since the Middle Ages. All plants that contain the word “bear” are very special herbs that carry the power and strength of their big brother and have strong, renewing mechanisms of action.

Bärwurz is similar to fennel, but differs in the root.

Hildegard von Bingen: The bear fennel is warm and has dry green power. Whoever has gout, let him eat the powder with bread, and whoever has jaundice, crush the root in vinegar and eat it that way. Then let him also make a soup with this vinegar and he will be healed.

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