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Speedwell water

Speedwell water


1 handful of speedwell

1 handful of marshmallow flowers

1 handful of rosemary

100 ml alcohol

distilled water

Glass or vessel of your choice


fine sieve

Filters e.g. coffee filters or tea filters



Mix the speedwell, marshmallow flowers and rosemary well and pour into a glass or container of your choice. Now pour the alcohol over it and then pour over enough distilled water to cover all the herbs well. Tie the container with a cloth and let it stand for 8 days. Always check whether the herbs are well covered, otherwise add distilled water.

After 8 days, strain through a fine sieve, squeeze out the herbs and run through a coffee filter again. Fill it into bottles, don't forget to label it and then store the herbal water/speedwell water in a cool place.


for external use on the skin

Can help/helps with:

Pimples, acne and blackheads and refreshes patients who suffer from age-related itching.

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