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Soothing eye gel

Soothing eye gel


1 handful of fresh or 1/2 handful of dried eyebright

3 tbsp witch hazel extract

1/2 tsp agar agar

1 pinch of borax



First, a strong decoction of eyebright is made. Cover the fresh or dried plant parts with water in a pot and bring to the boil. Then strain through a sieve, linen cloth or paper filter (coffee filter).

Then 8 tablespoons of the decoction are heated and just before the boiling point the pot is removed from the heat. Now add the witch hazel extract and stir well. Add agar-agar and borax last and make sure that the agar-agar dissolves completely.

Finally let it cool down and stir again for a few seconds.

Now you can put it in sealable jars and store it in the fridge.


stroke around the eyes

Help by:

see eyebright


Hamamelis extract = witch hazel (can be bought in the pharmacy or online)

Agar-Agar = Agar is produced from the cell walls of some species of algae (especially red algae, such as Gracilaria, Gelidiopsis, Gelidium, Hypnea and Sphaerococcus species), mainly from East Asia. Similar is “Funori” made from various algae such as Gloiopeltis furcata or sturgeon and isinglass. However, unlike agar, these adhesives are not used as food. (Excerpt from Wikipedia) (can be purchased in grocery stores or online)

Borax = is a rare mineral (can be purchased in grocery stores, pharmacies or online)

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