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Soapwort (Saponaria officinalis)


expectorant, diaphoretic, diuretic, purifying, laxative, tonic

Areas of application:

Cough, chest catarrh, bronchitis, indigestion, liver and spleen congestion, diseases of the intestinal mucosa, flatulence, jaundice, colds, fungal skin diseases, rashes, itchy skin, tumor treatments

Plant parts used:

Herb, root

Collection time:

Herb before flowering (flowering period: June to September), root in spring or autumn

To find:

On scree slopes, rubble sites, banks, hedges, bushes and open forests.


Triterpene saponins, especially saponaroside, tannins, starch


☕ Tea: 1 teaspoon of root is added to 1/4 liter of cold water, let stand for some time (about 2 hours), bring to the boil and strain. 2 cups per day are sufficient, you can sweeten with honey.

The soapwort is a perennial plant and can grow to a height of 30 to 80 cm. It forms strongly branched runners that grow into finger-thick rhizomes. The primary root is turnip-like. The upright stem is softly hairy and densely leafy. The cross-opposite leaves have three to five veins, ovate to lanceolate and are 5 to 10 cm long. The umbelliferous inflorescences have faintly smelling flowers with double perianths. The five undivided petals are pink to white. Flowering time is from June to October.

🛑 Due to the saponins, soapwort is slightly toxic and can cause vomiting if doses are too high.

The soapwort was of interest to the pharmaceutical industry, which produced soaps, lotions and detergents from it.

The plant is often part of tea mixtures in cough medicines, but also in liver and bile products.

As a saponin drug, soapwort is able to significantly increase the absorption of other active ingredients. It is an introductory plant that helps the body get the most out of even a few ingredients.

In the soapwort solution you can make gold, silverware and stones shine again.

Soapwort can be made yourself as a mild washing lotion. To do this, let the plant grow in warm water or make tea.

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