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Silverwort (Dryas octopetala)


nerve-strengthening, astringent

Areas of application:

Stroke, nerve tonic, colds, viral infections, internal bleeding; Homeopathic: When the body's functions are running low and strengthening the connective tissue is desired. Pulpitis (inflammation in the root area of the teeth)

Plant parts used:


Collection time:


To find:

On rocks, rubble in the Alps and on alpine meadows.


Triterpene saponins, tannins, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, silicon


The long-stemmed, notched leaves are evergreen and silvery-white on the underside. The flowers are snow white.

The shrub can live up to 100 years. It lives symbiotically with a root fungus, which supplies it with supporting water. The plant used to be widespread throughout Europe, but today it is mainly found in Sweden and Siberia, where silverwort populates the tundra together with lichens and mosses.

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