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Siegwurz (Allium victorialis)


digestive, diuretic, vermifuge, wound healing

Areas of application:

Burns, frostbite, difficulty urinating, hoarseness, sore throat, against intestinal noises, intestinal cramps

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

Spring or Autumn

To find:

Already strictly protected in many cases. Only rarely grows as a mountain plant in alpine zones on tall herbaceous meadows.


essential oil, sulfur


There are many stories about the Siegwurz, one of which is that dwarves transformed themselves into the plant.

The Onion is said to be worn in your trouser pocket to protect against evil spirits.

Siegwurz was a replacement for the rare mandrake. There is still one in the National Library in Vienna that is kept by Emperor Rudolf II.

Siegwurz has the effect against poltergeists and other ghostly phenomena.

The Siegwurz belongs to the same family as wild garlic, garlic or chives. It is a sacred plant that is primarily used magically and is only used for healing in emergencies.

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