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Rye (Secale cereale)



metabolism stimulating

Areas of application:

to stay slim or become slim, skin inflammation, swelling insect stings or bites, ulcers, earaches, pain, sprains, overstretching of the joint

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

End of July

To find:

among farmers, in rye fields


Amino acids, lysine, fatty oil, minerals, vitamins


Rye was already cultivated by the Germanic peoples and spread to us via Asia Minor. Wheat has more gluten than rye flour and produces a dark, strong-tasting bread as we know it. Rye bread has a particularly long shelf life and the lysine it contains is essential for our nutritional needs. In principle, rye bread should be made with sourdough.

Rye contains more fiber than other types of grain, so you can eat much more of it without gaining weight. So if you want to stay slim or become slim, you should eat a lot of rye. Provided you are not allergic to it!

Dried and then roasted rye grains are a coffee substitute. You can save on sugar here because it is already sweet enough. Rye grains are not only used as a coffee substitute, but they are also used to make high-quality vodka.

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