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Rose petal liqueur

Rose petal liqueur


5 handfuls of wild rose petals

10 g tartaric acid (pharmacy)

1/4 liter of water

300 g sugar

1/2 liter fruit schnapps (40%)

large glass jar


Coffee filter



Place the wild rose petals in a large glass jar. Dissolve the tartaric acid in water and then pour it over the petals. Now let it steep in a dark place for 2 days.

After a few days, dissolve the sugar in the fruit cider and then pour it over the base (into the glass). Let it steep again for 1 day. Once the 24 hours are up, everything can be strained through a coffee filter and poured into bottles.

Store the bottles in a dark place.

Helps with:

The rose petal liqueur strengthens the heart and is soothing for the nerves.

Attention: Alcohol is not for children, young people, pregnant women and drivers!!!

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