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Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Slightly toxic



Areas of application:

Cracked, dry skin

Homeopathy: for migraines, heartburn, certain stomach pains, smoking cessation

Plant parts used:

Flowers, in medicine also the bark

Collection time:

May, June

To find:

Spread everywhere.


Flavonoids, glycosides, phasin, robinin, robin, essential oil, tannins, lectins (seeds)


The whole tree, especially the wood, bark, seeds and leaves are poisonous. This does not apply to the flowers.

Robinia is used as a replacement for expensive teak wood. Since it is impregnated, you do not come into contact with the poisonous robin. Toys used for small children are not suitable.

🛑 Attention: It must not be put in the mouth. Robinia wood should not be sanded without a face mask (e.g. when renovating garden furniture), drilled or sawed in closed rooms.

The plucked petals can be used to make a syrup that tastes good.

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