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Play of forces - Hildegard of Bingen

Play of forces - Hildegard of Bingen

Discord and unity

The discord:

“I don't like the south and I turn away from the east... The west only supports the darkness and the north has a firm grip on what moves in the darkness... I behave in every situation as I do pleases..."

The unity:

“Could you then destroy heaven and its natural laws? No way!... You want to establish your kingdom in no man's land, but you are useless there in all things because you blaspheme the works of God. Because that is precisely the nothingness that lacks everything good..."

Obstinacy and salvation

The stubbornness:

“What merits and benefits do I have? Just the fire! Because I and the species I was born from, we want nothing else. I flee from everything that shines and refuse to follow bright works...I am there to plunder souls and do not want to know anything about the adornment of bright things..."

The salvation of the soul:

“You are the arrow of Satan, whirring ominously in the darkness...But the blessed rise up with the army of angels under the banner of faith and storm powerfully against you...In baptism and with the seven gifts of the Holy One Spirit, which the Savior gave us in his incarnation, they will drown you as in the deluge of water..."

The feasting – the abstinence

The feast:

“God created everything, so should I lack anything? ...God also wants people to take care of their physical well-being.”


“... You stuff yourself so full, you glutton, that your veins almost burst and convulse. Just as the downpour ravages the land, so too does the excessive consumption of meat and wine only bring blasphemous delusion to man!”

The lie – the truth

The lie:

“Who would be the one who could always tell the truth! If I sincerely wished my fellow human beings happiness, I would have to harm myself.”

The truth:

“... But I stand like a pillar in all the paths of the Lord. I am a loud trumpet of the righteousness of God.”

Lust, fornication – chastity

The lust:

“I want to trash this figure of an image of God, no matter how annoying it is to God. In this way I can ruin everyone. For after all I have my own glory... May heaven have its own righteousness - earth also has its obligations..."


“I don't want to lie on your bed where you roll around - where you, as it were, invite desecration. I sit in the bright light of the sun and look only to the King of kings, as I do my good works of my own free will. In the harmony of the happy life I possess the joys of honesty and modesty and it is neither disturbed by the insults of fornication nor sullied by unchastity..."

The exuberance – the breeding

The exuberance:

“What harm could joy do to a person? At least it makes you laugh... What would a person who always feels like dying be like? Nothing. So let us be happy while there is still something to be happy about here.”


“... with your unkempt manners, you are a playful person, you are like a restless wind and in your changeability you are like a worm that burrows in the ground... But I, I am a belt of brightness and a cloak of honor. I have been invited to the king's wedding and will appear there with friends and in breeding rooms. I appear there radiantly, in all the splendor of justice.”

The addiction to pleasure – the modesty

The addiction to pleasure:

“How much better it is to lose yourself than to mourn... If I only wore sadness in front of my fellow human beings, they would avoid me. I want to spin around in a merry whirlwind so that everything can have fun with me... man and animal and animal and man..."

The modesty:

“... Your desire is partly human, partly animalistic... Overall, your behavior is more like a dead creature than a living being, because you only strive for what your heart desires. But I blush with shame at all this and find my protection under the wings of the cherubim. The mysteries of God are made known to me in the precepts of Scripture. In heavenly things I am all life, ... and in an honorable attitude, according to God's will, I see that from which you flee in blind ignorance."

World Pain – Heavenly Joy

The world's pain:

“Woe is me that I was born! What is my life about? Who will help me, who will save me? Such trouble could not affect me if God knew about me! I get nothing out of putting my trust in God. I was created for misfortune and was born in misfortune and so I live without any consolation..."

The Heavenly Joy:

“...But I look at everything that God created with right eyes and already here I own the heavenly home of the flowers of roses and lilies and all the greenery, I take tenderly into my heart and sing praise to all of God's works you just pile up pain on top of pain...I only assess value or unworthiness according to God's laws..."

The inappropriate merriment – the longing for God

The inappropriate humor:

“In me I find the sweet life and the splendid path.”

The longing for God:

“How can you consider the blind and mute life to be the real life?”

Forgetfulness of God – Holiness

The forgetfulness of God:

“If God doesn’t know me, how can I know him? I will also pursue my own plans and act only as I please and what I know and understand..."

The holiness:

“Who created you and gave you life? God alone! Why don't you realize that you can't create yourself? I call on God and receive from him everything that belongs to life...because God alone gives man food and drink and everything he needs. People see it growing and prospering, but do not understand how it happens... God alone can sustain all of humanity over time and fill even the smallest thing on earth with life.”

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