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Pickled cucumbers

Pickled cucumbers


3 kg of small cucumbers

5 medium onions

3 large bunches of dill

5 borage leaves

2 liters of good vinegar

1/2 tube mustard

2 grated bay leaves

1/2 teaspoon clove powder


1/4 kg sugar


Jars with screw caps or mason jars


Wash the small cucumbers and peel and chop the onions. Cut the 3 bunches of dill and the borage leaves into small pieces.

Bring the vinegar to the boil in a pot and add the onions, dill, borage leaves, half a tube of mustard, bay leaves, clove powder and plenty of peppercorns. Now add the sugar and bring it to the boil until it is dissolved.

The cucumbers are added last. Reduce heat and slowly bring to a boil again. Stir often so that the cucumbers cook evenly. They should still be crisp when you pour them tightly into clean jars. Pour the stock over it so that the cucumbers are completely covered. Seal the pickled cucumbers in jars and store in a cool place.

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