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Pepper (Capsicum annuum var.)



Regulates digestion, stimulates metabolism

Areas of application:

Protects against the cell-damaging effects of free radicals, rheumatism pain, and improves blood circulation

Plant parts used:

Fruits (botanically speaking, berries)

Collection time:

from August

To find:

Garden plant


Alkaloid capsaicin, dyes, essential oils, minerals, flavonoids, vitamins A, C and E


There is a huge selection of pepper varieties and they all somehow belong together. They were bred into a wide variety of varieties. Sweet peppers, peppers and chillies belong to the species Capsicum anuum, the common ancestor is the bird's eye chilli (Capsicum anuum var. aviculare), which grows in the subtropical areas of South America.

Anyone who has ever tried local chili dishes in a local restaurant in Central America knows what this capsaicin can do. It burns like hell. The only way to relieve the pain is with a piece of bread or a milk drink. Unfortunately, water doesn't help.

If you have ever bought paprika powder in the store, you will probably have heard the words “semi-sweet”, “noble sweet”, “rose pepper”, “extra”. and "delicacy" be noticed. These are not different types of peppers, but rather a proprietary production process that was developed in Szegedin, Hungary.

In the kitchen, dried peppers are used with meat dishes, especially goulash and Hungarian dishes, but also in soups and sauces, with sauerkraut and pasta dishes. Fresh peppers are used in salads, a healthy vegetable on buttered bread, for decoration or simply to eat.

Picked in oil or together with other vegetables in sweet and sour vinegar, can be eaten as a side dish with cold plates or bread and butter and cheese.

Good for pickling: apple-shaped sweet peppers, block peppers, cone-shaped peppers, chili peppers, cherry peppers, ancho and poblano

Good for drying and use as a spice: sweet peppers, serrano, chili, jalepeno, cayenne.

An ointment made with paprika is highly irritating to the skin. (For how to make it, see poplar ointments)

Paprika powder

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