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Pear (Pyrus communis)



draining, detoxifying, anti-putrefactive, intestinal cleansing

Areas of application:

Circulatory and kidney diseases, constipation, bladder diseases, edema, promote the immune system and the intestines, reduce high blood pressure, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, pain, promote growth and blood formation, put you in a good mood, colds, environmental substances, detoxify the intestines , improves memory

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

all year round

To find:

In gardens


Fructose, B vitamins, vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, pectin, magnesium, potassium, (small amounts of copper, zinc, calcium, phosphorus)


Raw pears can put a strain on the stomach and intestines, so gastrointestinal sufferers should only eat this fruit when cooked.

Pear compote is a wholesome diet food for those suffering from digestive organ problems.

The pear consists of a lot of water and provides us with fluids even when we are not drinking.

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