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Paprika oil

Paprika oil


2 red, hot peppers

The peel of 1 small natural lemon

2 to 4 thyme sprigs including the flowers

1/2 liter rapeseed oil

1 liter bottle


Cut the red, hot peppers into thin slices and put them in the 1 liter bottle. Peel the peel of 1 small natural lemon so that as little of the white as possible remains on it. Also cut into narrow strips and fill into the bottle. Now add the thyme sprigs along with the flowers. Finally, pour the rapeseed oil over the vegetable and herb mixture and leave it in the sun for about 1 week before it can be used.

Without any additional ingredients, it can now be used as a seasoning oil for cooked pasta. Strain the herbs when they are no longer covered by the oil (risk of spoilage). Store the paprika oil in the refrigerator and let it stand in a warm room before using.

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