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Pansies (Viola arvensis)



Diuretic, skin-improving, blood-purifying, expectorant

Areas of application:

Acne, skin eczema, cradle cap, as a blood purifier, for all chronic skin diseases, inflammation, vaginal itching, headaches, mumps, measles, scarlet fever, night sweats, rheumatism

Plant parts used:

flowering herb and root

Collection time:

April to August

To find:

On the edges of fields, in fields, fallow fields and on grassland. The pansies that have been grown in advance and in garden centers are not suitable as medicinal products. You should always sow them yourself.


Saponins, methyl salicyl glycoside, tannins, flavonoids, rutin, potassium


☕ Tea: Place 2 teaspoons of the cut plant in 1/4 liter of cold water, heat to a boil (do not boil) and then strain. The tea is drunk with main meals for several weeks.

The field pansy is a mostly annual plant that can reach a height of 10 to 20 cm; it is rarely biennial. The plant forms a taproot. Field pansies produce 1 to 5 stems that are angular, usually upright, sometimes ascending and rarely lying down. The alternate leaves are usually divided into petioles and leaf blades. The leaves are broadly ovate to narrowly elliptical with a blunt upper end and sparsely finely hairy. The leaf edges are sawn or notched. Depending on the plant specimen, there are few to numerous flowers. The five sepals are oblong-lanceolate or lanceolate with a pointed or pointed upper end. The two upper petals are white to bluish, often with a purple spot. The two lateral petals are approximately the same length or shorter than the sepals. The lower petal is often whitish to light yellow and has blue notches.

The root has the highest concentration of ingredients and should always be used. The pansy is particularly useful for skin diseases in babies and children.

Pansies are a source of potassium.

In the kitchen you can use the candied flowers on cakes, puddings or ice cream, or the petals as a decorative addition to leaf salads.

Hildegard von Bingen: Take the juice and a third of this juice olive oil, and mutton tallow, as much as juice, and bring this to the boil in a pot and prepare an ointment. If he has any sores on his body, let them be anointed.

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