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Oxymel – basic recipe



2 parts vinegar, e.g. B. Apple cider vinegar

6 parts honey (organic, regional and natural if possible)

1 part herbs

1 empty screw-top jar


First, disinfect the screw-top jar with boiling water or a soda solution and chop up the herbs and then add them to the jar. Then pour honey and vinegar over it and mix well. (You can also puree it so that more substances are released from the herbs.) Now let it steep in a dark place for up to four weeks.

Shake occasionally to better dissolve the ingredients.

After 4 weeks, the herbs are filtered through a filter or coffee filter and the liquid is stored in a clean, sealable jar.

The sour honey lasts for about a year at room temperature and should be stored in a dark place.

Note: In some recipes, an herbal extract is first made in vinegar and honey is added at the end. However, this method cannot be found in the traditional Oxymel recipes. The extract with herbal vinegar has a weaker effect due to the small proportion of honey, as it lacks some of the extracted ingredients.

Application and dosage of Oxymel:

The internal use of Oxymel is very versatile and very easy. To strengthen the immune system, adults take 30 to 50 milliliters of the tincture (equivalent to about two to three tablespoons) dissolved in a glass of water about half an hour before eating. You can take Oxymel daily for three weeks as a preventive measure against illness and start again after a one-week break. The list of illnesses for which sour honey provides relief is long. Thanks to its high mineral content, Oxymel is suitable for all people with mineral deficiencies and muscle cramps. Adults in particular, as well as growing children and adolescents who have an increased need for vital substances, benefit from this drink. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it has a positive effect on rheumatism, gout and osteoarthritis. It has a fever-reducing effect, promotes expectoration in coughs and relieves irritation in all stomach problems such as heartburn.

Children take one to two tablespoons of the tincture dissolved in a glass of water or fruit juice to strengthen their immune system or if they have a fever. Even after a long illness, the tincture helps to strengthen and heal the body. The vinegar-honey tincture is not only used as a remedy, but can also be incorporated into the diet as a prophylactic. It is possible to use it to replace sugary syrups in soft drinks or to use it as a salad dressing or with desserts. It is also suitable as an isotonic drink for athletes. As an inexpensive detox agent, Oxymel also counteracts aging processes.

Sour honey can even be used externally. For sunburn and insect bites, you can dilute the tincture with water in a ratio of 1:1, soak a cloth in it and apply it to the relevant areas like a compress.

Tips for purchasing the ingredients: The health benefits of vinegar and honey have long been known. However, the quality of the ingredients also matters. When buying vinegar, make sure that it is a naturally cloudy product without additives such as sugar, thickeners, colors and preservatives. Apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar, honey vinegar, fruit vinegar or rice vinegar are suitable for Oxymel. Since apple cider vinegar can be used in the household for many purposes such as hair conditioner, as a foot bath or for skin cleansing, it is worth purchasing a larger amount. Alternatively, you can make your own apple cider vinegar when apple season begins.

When it comes to honey, it is also advisable to prefer products from regional origin. In order to preserve as many healthy ingredients as possible in honey, it is important that it is not pasteurized. If you want to use flowers to make the oxymel, light honeys with a neutral taste such as acacia honey are best. For herbs, it is better to choose blossom honey; bitter honeys, such as forest honey or chestnut honey, go very well with spices and herbs with an intense taste.

You can choose between countless types of herbs and spices. For example, sea buckthorn and turmeric support the antioxidant effect, spruce tips and ribwort plantain help with coughs and mint, chamomile and lavender are particularly suitable for children.

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