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Nine Herb Blessing


Anglo-Saxon nine-herb blessing, nine-herb magic or Anglo-Saxon folk magic

The Nine Herb Blessing from the Codex Lacnunga, a collection of Anglo-Saxon texts believed to have been compiled in the 11th century, is a highly effective spell in verse form. Originally it was pagan and later Christian elements also found their way into it. It is believed that this poem was transmitted by a Christian monk. The spell, as the name suggests, mentions nine sacred and special herbs that can be used against infections and as an antidote.

The herbal incantation:

“Remember, Mugwort, what you proclaimed,what you confirmed at the great announcement."Una", your name is, oldest herb.You have power for 3 and against 30,you have power against poison and against flying poison, you have power against the evil that runs over the land. “
"And you, plantain, the mother of herbs, opened to the east, powerful within, carts rattled over you, queens rode over you, brides screamed over you, bulls snorted over you you, you have resisted and opposed everyone. In the same way resist the poison and the contagion and the evil that comes upon the land.
Watercress is the name of this herb, it grew on the stone, it opposes poison, it resists pain."
"Nettle, it is said, resists the poison, it drives away the enemy, throws the poison out. This herb that fought against the serpent, it has power against poison, it has power against contagion, it has power against the evil that sweeps over the land.
You cast out the healing herb, as a smaller herb the greater poison, as a stronger herb the weaker poison, until he has recovered from both.
"Remember Chamomile, what you have proclaimed, what you have created at Alorford, that no one should ever lose his life through infection after being given Chamomile for food."
"This is the herb called crabapple. This the seal sent over the ridge of the sea to help against the malice of another poison. It stands against pain, opposes poison, it has power against three and against thirty, against the hand of the enemy and against evil machinations and against the bewitchment of common beings. There the apple spoke against the poison, so that the hideous snake would never crawl into your home again.
Notches and fennel, these powerful, these herbs, the wise God the Holy One in heaven created when Christ hung and sent them into the seven worlds to the poor and the rich, to everyone for help.

The saying:

"These nine herbs have power against nine poisons. A dragon crept up and killed, so Wodan took nine branches of glory and struck the serpent with them so that it flew into nine pieces. These nine herbs have power against nine evil spirits, against nine poisons and against contagious diseases: against the red poison, against the stinking poison, against the white poison, against the purple poison, against the yellow poison, against the green poison, against that black poison, against the blue poison, against the brown poison, against the crimson poison.
Against snake leaves, against water leaves, against thorn leaves, against thistle leaves, against ice leaves, against poison leaves, against poison from the air, against danger from the ground, against danger from the sea . Does any poison come from the east, or any from the north or from the south, or any from the west on humanity. Christ stood above sickness of every kind. I alone know a trickling water, where nine vipers keep watch; "May all the herbs now spring from their roots, the lakes open, all the salt water, when I blow this poison away from you.

The recipe:

"Mugwort, plantain open to the east, watercress, medicinal zest, chamomile, nettle, crab apple, chervil and fennel, old soap. Crush the herbs into powder and mix them with the soap and apple juice. Make a paste of water and ashes, take fennel, boil it in the paste, and heat it with beaten egg when the ointment is opened, both before and after. Chant this incantation over each of these herbs three times before preparing them and over the apple and then chant the same incantation into the person's mouth and both ears and on the wound before applying the ointment.

The spell contains instructions on how to perform the spell and how the magic works. Some herbs have been exchanged over the centuries and the names and names may change. The adjustments do not affect the effectiveness of the spell.

These are the nine medicinal herbs:

  • Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

  • Plantain (Plantago major)

  • Watercress (Nasturtium officinale)

  • Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)

  • Heilziest (Betonica officinalis)

  • Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)

  • Crabapple (Malus sylvestris)

  • Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium)

  • Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

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