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Nettle seeds

see also nettle

Nettle seeds


blood-purifying, blood-forming, hemostatic, metabolism-promoting, hair growth-promoting

Areas of application:

Urinary tract infections, physical exhaustion, fatigue, gout, rheumatism, hair loss, prostate problems, digestive problems, increases desire in men and women, lowers cholesterol, dandruff, greasy hair


Linoleic acid (74% - 83%), oil (25% - 30%), linolenic acid, mucilage, tocopherol, carotenoids (for example ß-carotene and lutein), among other things, vitamins C, E and A, lots of protein

Nettle seeds


100 grams of nettle seeds have around 4 kcal (17kj).

Nettle seeds are a special kind of remedy. They stimulate body function and are a strengthening tonic, also in the sexual area. The life alarm clock is particularly recommended for older people, but the revitalizing hormones are also good for convalescents. The seeds can be used in many ways: baked on bread, as a powder in vegetable dishes, even in salad marinades. 1 teaspoon of ground seeds mixed with water or honey 3 times a day is a sexual enhancer.

Convalescent = someone who is recovering after an illness but is not yet healthy.

When should nettle seeds not be taken?

If hypersensitivity is known, neither the seeds, the extract nor the nettle itself should be consumed. If you have diabetes or liver and kidney diseases, you should consult your doctor beforehand. Even if you are pregnant, you should definitely consult a gynecologist before taking it.

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