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dried bertram root

high percentage of alcohol

25 g Bertram root

1/4 l grain schnapps or fruit schnapps

a few drops of peppermint or sage essential oil

distilled water

Jar with lid

Sieve, linen cloth or filter

Brown glass bottle


Prepare a tincture from the dried Bertram roots and the high-proof alcohol, see also Bertram tincture. Pour about 25 g of Bertram root into the glass with 1/4 liter of grain schnapps or fruit schnapps. Then leave it in the warmth for 3 weeks. When the time is over, strain it through a sieve, linen cloth or filter and store it in a small brown bottle.

Empty a little of this tincture into a new bottle, add a few drops of essential oil (depending on your preference) and top up with distilled water. Then shake everything well and use daily.

After a few days the mixture is used up and you make a new one

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