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Moon, stars, dawn and the rain

Moon, stars, dawn and the rain

The Moon

The moon and the pruning and planting of trees and vines

“...Pruning and planting are better done on the waning moon than on the waxing moon...because of the rising and excess sap on the waxing moon, they do not take root and grow as well approach them well and take care of them...and a lot of juice flows out of them...

Hildegard's rule: Prune your trees and vines in March when the moon is waning so that they don't lose too much juice and can produce more fruit. Planting trees is always done during the waning moon all year round to promote better root growth.

The moon and its influence

“...When the moon waxes and becomes full, then the blood in people also increases, and when the moon wanes, then the blood in people also decreases. If the blood in the human being had increased to full level and then if it did not decrease again in the human being, he would completely burst.”

This explanation by Hildegard shows how much humans, as a microcosm, represent a part of the entire cosmos, with the same natural laws: The moon not only ensures the ebb and flow of the enormous amounts of water of the ocean, but also works in the human body.

The fruit and vegetable harvest

“ fruits and vegetables that are harvested when the moon is waxing and the meat of livestock that is slaughtered at this time has greater nutritional value because it is then full Juice and blood is...An exception is made if you want it to last longer...then harvest the vegetables and fruit and slaughter the livestock when the moon is waning so that it can last even longer...

Hildegard's rule is:

Harvest fruits and vegetables to be stored when the moon is waning.

Harvest fruit and vegetables that will be processed immediately when the moon is waxing.

Harvest seeds for vegetables when the moon is waning.

Harvest seeds for spices and salad on the waxing moon.

The moon and the felling of the trees

“...Even in the trees... the sap increases as the moon waxes and decreases as the moon wanes. Therefore, if they are felled when the moon is waxing... they will be more eaten by vermin and woodworm than if they were felled when the moon is waning...

The moon and collecting herbs

“If noble, good herbs are cut from the ground during the waxing moon or pulled out of the earth with the roots when they are in full juice, they are better suited for preparing latwergs , ointments and any medicine as if they were collected on the waning moon.

So always harvest herbs for making remedies when the moon is waxing!

The stars

“The stars sometimes show many signs, depending on what people are doing and how they behave. But they reveal neither the future nor people's thoughts, but only what people have already announced as their intention or are making known in word and deed because this is what the atmosphere absorbs. She communicates it to the stars, and in this way they immediately reveal the works of man. God created the stars to serve man...

Hildegard is saying quite clearly that there is no astrology, i.e. interpretation from the constellations. Hildegard von Bingen's “Astronomy” is a very precise interpretation of the respective part of the year (month) and the associated character trait that the person born in this month receives. But Hildegard also thinks that all words and actions go out into the atmosphere like waves and then return, both good and bad.

The Dawn Treader

“The fact that the sun is red when it rises in the morning is due to the cold and dampness of the atmosphere... It is similar late in the day when the sun rises towards evening is red. This is due to the cold in the atmosphere, because then the sun sinks into the ocean.

The Rain

“The rain that falls suddenly and heavily on the earth is harmful and damages the soil and the fruits of the earth because it contains certain pollutants. Moderate rain is beneficial, watering the earth and causing it to produce fruit, because it is gentle and pure and clean in terms of benefit and fertility.”

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