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Migraine cure according to Hildegard


The Bärwurz mixed powder from Hildegard Medicine is used to create a detoxification agent for blood purification and purification; you can try it as a migraine cure.

The recipe comes from Dr. Hertzka, the founder of Hildegard medicine, who translated Hildegard's recipes into German 60 years ago.

Bärwurz mixed powder


7 parts Bärwurz root

4 parts galangal root

3 parts licorice root

2 parts savory leaves (pepper herb)


All ingredients are made into powder and then mixed.

The powder lasts for a longer time, so larger quantities can easily be produced.



4 tbsp Bärwurz mixed powder

4 tbsp honey

4 large or 8 small pears




Mix the Bärwurz mixed powder with the slightly warmed honey in a pot. The honey should not get too hot, otherwise it will lose valuable ingredients. It should be liquid.

Then core the pears and cook them in a separate pot until they are pureed. Then mix with the honey mixture and pour into glasses.


Eat 1 teaspoon of the Bärwurz mixed powder and pear honey in the morning on an empty stomach, 2 teaspoons at lunchtime and 3 teaspoons before going to bed. For at least 4 weeks.

If all this is too much work for you, you can also buy it or take 1 pinch of the Bärwurz mixed powder in the morning, 2 at lunchtime and 3 in the evening.

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