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Marshmallow cough syrup

Marshmallow cough syrup


30 g crushed marshmallow root

2 tablespoons of spirits

10 tablespoons of water

10 to 12 tablespoons of sugar

Spice grinder or coffee grinder

coffee filter

a few glasses




Roughly chop the marshmallow root in a spice or coffee grinder and then place it in a coffee filter. Now make a mixture of the spirit of wine and the water and then pour the crushed marshmallow root over it. The drained mixture of water and spirits is collected and immediately poured back over the marshmallow roots. This procedure is repeated for about 1 hour.

A syrup is made from the sugar and a little water in a pot and then mixed with the marshmallow liquid. Then fill it into a bottle and don't forget to label it. It is extremely tasty. Unfortunately it doesn't last that long and needs to be stored in a cool place.


Take the marshmallow cough syrup 1 tablespoon each morning, lunch and evening.

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