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Marking Nut Tree (Anacardium orientale)



Areas of application:

For paralysis after a stroke, for skin and abdominal diseases, against worm infestation, asthma, corns, warts, leg ulcers

Homeopathy: mental and emotional disorders, gastritis, hemorrhoids, ulcers

Plant parts used:


Collection time:

at any time

To find:

In mountainous regions of South Asia and tropical Australia.


Alkaloid chuarene, cardol, anacardic acid, fats, oils


🛑 Attention: The Marking Nut Tree may only be used homeopathically! Due to the dangerous effects of the fruit, no self-applications are permitted! Contact with the corrosive oil of the fruit peel can cause itching and a rash with large blisters (approximately equivalent to second degree burns) on the skin within 24 hours. The dermatitis can spread over the entire body. If this substance is taken orally, severe gastrointestinal inflammation, respiratory disorders and motor paralysis can occur.

The ink is used for stamp inks.

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