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Mallow sauce

Mallow sauce


1 onion


1/2 kg fresh mallow leaves






Chop the onion and mallow leaves into small pieces and then fry the onion in oil and add the very finely chopped mallow leaves. Pour in a little water and let it boil down to a porridge over a low heat. If the porridge becomes too thick, simply add water again. Now season with salt, garlic and nutmeg to taste. Complete!

Tastes very good with potatoes.

🛑 Sauce made from mallow should not be taken if the respiratory tract is mucous, as mallow suppresses the coughing stimulus necessary for coughing up the mucus.

In general, mallow is considered to be well tolerated. Side effects are not known. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor or midwife before taking mallow. Since mallow could affect blood sugar levels, people with diabetes should also discuss taking mallow with their doctor. Anyone taking medication should take mallow 3 hours apart, as the ingredients in mallow can delay the effects of medication.

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