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Make your own bath bombs

bath bombs


25 g cornstarch

50 g citric acid

100 g baking soda

25 g coconut oil (liquid)

Food coloring as desired

5-10 drops of essential oil (e.g. mint oil)



Put the cornstarch, citric acid, baking soda and liquid coconut oil in a bowl. Then add the food coloring and essential oils as desired and mix everything well.

Shape the bath bomb mix into a ball with your hands or you can use special soap molds and create hearts or stars. Now put the bath bombs in the fridge for 45 minutes.

Since the bath bombs are very fragile, you should leave the colorful bombs alone for two days. Then you can pack them up and give them away.

Bath bombs, also known as bath chocolates, have their name for a reason: when they mix with water, the big fizzing starts and the balls release oils and scents. I hope you have fun imitating and enjoying. 😊

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