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Lily cream

Lily cream


2 lily bulbs

2 tablespoons of honey

60 g beeswax

50 ml rose water (or lavender, verbena water)

Mixer or hand blender

2 pots

Cream pots


The lily bulbs are peeled and pureed in the blender. Then put the mixture in a pot and add honey, beeswax and rose water. Now put another pot of water on the stove and put the pot with the ingredients in there. It is heated over a low heat in a water bath, stirring constantly. The mass should not be brought to a boil, just heated so that the beeswax melts. When everything has melted together well into a mass, you can pour the ointment into cream pots. When it has cooled down, please store it in the refrigerator and use it permanently. Don't forget to label the cream pots with your name and date.


The lily cream for external use on the skin, apply daily in the evening to the neck, face and eye area.

Can help/Helps with:

wrinkled skin and crow's feet

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