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Kava (Piper methysticum)



anxiety-relieving, relaxing, antispasmodic, euphoric

Areas of application:

for calming, bronchitis, anxiety and restlessness, to improve performance, to increase the ability to concentrate, relieves pain, protects the nerves, relaxes the muscles

Plant parts used:



Kavapyrones (Kavain, Yangonin, Methysticin, Marindindin)


☕ Tea: Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon dried root powder in 1/4 liter cold water. Let it steep for about 1/2 hour. Drink and do not stir the grounds at the bottom or strain through a filter first.

🛑 We have the plant on the banned list because it is suspected of causing liver damage and even death! Well-known scientists have protested against this, the liver-damaging effect seems to be just a guess

Kava is considered a powerful magical plant throughout the Polynesian islands that, on the one hand, stimulates the power of love and, on the other hand, drives away evil forces that threaten happiness. The root is also used in harmful spells. In Hawaii, however, kava is a means of breaking a harmful spell.

Even if it sounds like it, Kava is not addictive.

Kava is helpful for poisoning with strychnine (contained in the emetic nut, for example) and acts as an antidote.

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