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Iris germanica



Diuretic, cough-relieving, irritation-relieving

Areas of application:

Runny nose, cough, bladder disease, dropsy, spots in the eyes, sweating, sciatica, trigeminal pain, abscesses, cystitis, hepatitis, difficult menstruation, migraine

Plant parts used:

The 2 to 4 year old rootstock

Collection time:

August to October

To find:

Strictly protected plant! Otherwise garden plant.


Flavonoids, tannin, starch, essential oil, mucus


☕ Tea: 1 teaspoon of chopped root is added to 1/4 liter of cold water and brought to the boil briefly, then left to steep for 10 minutes. Drink a cup twice a day.

The iris root smells like violets and is used in cosmetic products such as tooth powder, detergents and in the liquor and tobacco industries.

The yellow-flowering swamp iris (Iris pseudacorus) can be used in a similar way to the iris. It sometimes grows as a bank plant and in flooded meadows.

Hildegard von Bingen: Take juice from the leaves of the iris and make an ointment with fat. This helps if there are unclean areas on the body.

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